2021-09-27/28/30 : TCUK Metro Online de l'ISTC (GB)

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Edward King de l'Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC) au Royaume-Uni a eu la gentillesse de nous faire parvenir l'invitation ci-dessous. La participation est gratuite mais pour participer vous devez vous enregistrer sur istc@istc.org.uk.

TCUK Metro Online 2021: “TechComms but not as you know it”

The Institute of Scientific and Technical Communicators (ISTC) is running an online mini-conference on 27, 28 and 30 September called TCUK Metro Online. It is free and all comers (even non-members) are invited to attend. To get the link to attend any or all of these sessions, please send a mail to Ms Chantel Sankey at this address: istc@istc.org.uk . Please specify which sessions you wish to attend.


Conference Program


Monday 27 September, 2.00pm to 3.30pm BST (3.00pm to 4.30pm CEST)

Soft Skills in the new workplace

Presentation by C J Walker (followed by Q & A session)

Soft skills aren’t just a nice-to-have anymore – they’re an absolutely essential part of your job skills portfolio in the new workplace. In this short presentation, CJ will discuss soft skills from the point of view of a techcomm recruiter, and tell you what you need to know to put them to work for you.


CJ is a recruiter, trainer, and consultant specialised in digital communications. She has worked in the techcomm, linguistics, and content modelling spaces before founding Firehead Digital Communications in 2007, where she drinks a lot of coffee and helps clients find the right talent. She also helps techcomm professionals train in new skills to progress their careers.



Tuesday 28 September, 2.00pm-2.30pm BST (3.00pm-3.30pm CEST)

TCUK Annual Awards Presentations



Tuesday 28 September, 2.45pm-3.30pm BST (3.45pm-4.30pm CEST)

Webinar: Fourth Industrial Revolution and its impact on Techcomms

Presentation by Ray Gallon(followed by Q & A session)

The advent of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence and the Internet of Things ensures that the ways we live and work will change radically in the near future. Indeed, that change has already started. The place of information in this brave new automated world is key, but not obvious. It includes not only major epistemological change, but also ethical questions for which we need to be prepared.


Ray Gallon is president and cofounder of the Transformation Society, which develops strategies for humanist digital transformation and organizational learning, and researches the theory and practice of smart pedagogies. He has over 50 years’ experience as a communicator, including major companies such as IBM, Alcatel, and General Electric Health Care. Ray is a fellow of the Society for Technical Communication (STC), has been a speaker at congresses worldwide, and has authored multiple book chapters and articles. He is the editor of The Language of Technical Communication (XML Press).



Tuesday 28 September, 3.45pm- 4.30pm BST (4.45pm- 5.30pm CEST)

Webinar: Designing content in a time of urgent change: how GOV.UK guidance remained simple, clear and accurate through the coronavirus pandemic

Presentation by by Markland Starkie – Head of Content, government digital services team (followed by Q & A session).

Since its launch in 2011, the UK government website, GOV.UK, has put users at the heart of its content. To do this, we ensure that content design forms a central part of the user-centred disciplines that are key to the success of digital products and services. This presentation will cover how we applied these user-centred principles to the public guidance produced as part of the early stages of the coronavirus pandemic and what we learned in doing so.


Markland joined the UK Government Digital Service in 2018 as head of content, leading content designers and technical writers in supporting the most used content on GOV.UK. As part of the GOV.UK senior management team, Markland has launched guidance, products and services that help the UK public understand changes resulting from Brexit as well as the government response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Prior to this, Markland spent 10 years in digital for the private and higher education sectors.



Thursday 30 September, 3.00pm to 4.30pm BST (4.00pm to 5.30pm CEST)

The evolution of technical communications in video gaming

Presentation by Maria Loureiro (followed by Q & A session)

Technical writing is widely present in video games. However, this usually happens in the source language. To globalize products, video games companies use translation. But are we saying goodbye to this old strategy?


Maria Loureiro is an entrepreneur and independent manager and trainer in the video games localization industry. She arrived in this industry more than 20 years ago and its excitement and avant-garde captivated her. She has been in charge and collaborated in the localization of some of the most important First Party and Third Party video games. In 2014 she founded KiteTeam, a disruptive solution well-known for its project management, quality assurance processes, and customer experience. Since 2016 she shares her expertise with students and professionals. She firmly believes that these interactions provide her with continuous learning.                            


Best regards, 

Edward King

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“TechComms but not as you know it”

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